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An exclusive range of bicycle parking stands to suit all types of bikes and situations.

The H-B Designs portfolio of innovative multi-bike parking systems and individual bike brackets provides high-density, correctly spaced cycle parking, improved cyclist accessibility and enhanced cycle security.

The patented designs of our unique cycle parking stands are securely effective as standalone installations or can be enhanced with our complementary bike buildings.

Designed and made in our Wiltshire workshop from robust, sustainable materials, our cycle parking units enable efficient installation and minimal maintenance contracts.

Contact us directly for your own bespoke, highly visual and practical cycle hub design.

Cycle Parking Portfolio

Our range of cycle parking stands provides individual secure bike parking for every situation. A one-stop-shop for the public realm, commercial properties, around the workplace, high street, shops, museums, hospitals, all age range education establishments and at home in the garage or garden.

Advanced Compact Cycle Parking

"I cycle another seven miles to use this cycle hub and the Cycle-street units where I know my bike is safer."

Haven Green Cycle Hub User

Individual Bike Brackets & Anchors

Great designed products to easily secure your bicycle at home or provide visitors with secure office, shop or cafe cycle parking with a bike lock up point or wall hanging bike rack.

Sculptural Cycle Parking Panels

Sculptural high-density cycle parking panels are ideal for schools, leisure centres, streets and parks. Wonderwall neatly parks bikes of all types supported by individual wheel brackets with adjacent secure locking-off points. Wonderwall delivers a stylish, functional, long-lived and modern bicycle parking solution which is also a sculptural addition to any site.

H-B Cycle Hoops & Scooter Racks

​Our cycle hoops and scooter parking rack systems are specified with all you need to quickly and easily plan and install smart, high-quality cycle and scooter parking. Space efficient, strong and compatible with multiple wearing surface types, including grass.


Modular, ‘sheffield stand’ style cycle parking

Haven Cycle Rack

The modular HAVEN cycle rack system has an ergonomic hoop to optimise secure cycle locking and can be configured to suit any scheme allowing maximum flexibility for upwards of 4 bikes.

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4scoot double sided scooter parking panel for schools

Intuitive easy scooter parking and retrieval


The 4scooter rack is  compact, high density, two and three wheel scooter parking system. With single point locking and drop-in® parking bays, it is perfect  for children at primary and infant schools.

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About us

H-B Designs Ltd was formed in 2003 by our design director, Tim H-B, following an intrepid search for bicycle and cyclist-friendly parking in the nearby city of Bristol. There was scant provision for either at the time. This was the catalyst to conceive improved facilities that bicycle-caring cyclists would want to use daily. Since that quest, the company has been designing and building contemporary cycle parking and sustainable transport infrastructure that is both visually stimulating and ergonomically advanced.
To achieve excellent results for all types of cyclists, we combine our team's specialist cycling and design expertise along with decades of experience to innovate and energise our new products. We collaborate and consult with entrepreneurs worldwide to develop designs and intellectual property, enabling their visions to be launched in the fast-moving cycle-centric marketplace. 


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