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SCOOT4 the secure, effective, fit and forget parking for all types of scooter.

The SCOOT4’s robust stainless steel frame design allows for ‘drop in’ style loading of both 2 and 3 wheeled scooters. Parked scooters are located in individual spaces and can easily be secured by locking them to the frame with any standard armoured cable, ‘D’ lock or chain. 100% waterproof the SCOOT4 can be used indoors and outdoors and will not rust. Average scooter density per unit = 14.


  • Body: 32mm Stainless Steel tube

    Finish: Satin

    Fixings for concrete/tarmac: x2 M10x130 chemical stud anchor with shear nut

    Weight: 12.5 Kg per unit

    SCOOT4® is a Registered Design